Have data? Take a Lenovo Storage Solution!

Data is driving the need for transformation, so we should find the correct answers to the "3 of D's'  data actual challenges:

  • Distributed Data Stored in multiple locations: on-premises, and multiple cloud locations

  • Dynamic Data: an influx of constantly changing data that requires you to know where the data is and its source

  • Diverse Data: structured, unstructured, machine learning, and streaming — generated in and outside the organization

Although the imperatives are not new, the digital revolution has heightened their speed and necessity. Everything must be faster and more transparent. For IT customers, time is critical: time to market of a new product, time to value against a business goal and time to insight with faster access to data on which the business can act.

Starting from these assumptions we can “build” a list of mandatory features that the storage solution should provide:

  • simplified data management by standardizing data management across architectures and deployment models in order to let data to be free to go where it needs to go, to get enriched and move. To can integrate the on-premises infrastructure with the cloud.

  • enable customers to perform critical tasks without interrupting their business. Dynamically assign, promote, and retire storage resources without downtime over the lifecycle of an application.

  • data encryption with self-encrypting drives or with software-based encryption of any volume in order to protect our data.

  • simple storage environment through wizards and factory configurations with fast-provisioning workflows that enable the deployment of new storage systems for key workloads-such as Oracle, SAP HANA, SQL Server, VDI, and VMware-in minutes from power-on to serving data.

  • storage efficiency that reduce storage purchases and the amount of data that travels over the network
    which leads to better overall performance

  • unified architectural approach that serve SAN or NAS workloads instead of building new stranded-asset silos.

Considering all the above mentioned features, the storage solution that fulfill all the requirements and more others have a name: Lenovo DM series.

Florin FILE MITITA, Presales Team Leader MB Distribution, florin.file@mbd.ro